John H. Pilling, AIA has been an instructor at the BAC since 1993. Each fall and spring he has taught the course “Designing Architectural Details.”   He is also a regular thesis advisor and panelist.

Mr. Pilling has helped to create some exciting learning opportunities for students through advanced studios and sketch problems focusing on cities of Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America. These travel intensive design studies programs have been conducted with the friendship of the Faculties of Architecture at CUJAE in Havana and ITSEM’s Guadalajara and Mexico City campuses.

Mr. Pilling received a BA from Dartmouth College in 1968, and a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1971.  He has a full time practice with partner Mark S. Smith (BAC ’85) at the firm of Pilling+Smith Architects. Prior to his current partnership, Mr. Pilling was a principal and senior architect with several preeminent firms in Boston and Cambridge doing projects throughout the United States and several parts of the United Kingdom. 

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John H. Pilling AIA

Apr 9, 2011


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