May 13, 2011

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Living in the Américas: Fall 2010 & Spring 2011

BAC Long Studio  

The studio will learn about Puerto Rico by employing the skills of research, on-site investigation, concept development, and project design. 

We will review the five centuries that began with Ponce de Leon’s decimation of the Tainos while he searched for gold, followed by Spanish, then American colonization, culminating in a commonwealth with a syncretic blend of native, European, African, and American cultures.

The studio project is “Playa Ahumada (Smoky Shore),” - a restaurant and night club - which will be sited along the walls on the sea front between Fort San Felipe del Morro and the San Juan Cemetery.


Fall 2010 Longstudieros

Scott Brown

Wendall Chin

Chris Crump

Sarah Drown

Gabriela Gayoso

Kristin Gorman

Reed Harmon

*Luis Montalvo

Morel Orta

*John Pilling

Nathania Rivera

Renee Roediger

Naomi Sherman

Alex Siekierski


Srping 2011 Longstudieros

Aiva Alisauskaite

Brien Baker

David Burn

Mike Chavez

Sam Hitchon

Elizabeth Kay

Walter Kucharski

Junior Li

Christos Ntanas

Luis Montalvo*

Catalina Montanez

John Pilling*

Tim Severo

Josh Shaw

Fall Materials

Spring Materials