May 13, 2011

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Living in the Américas - Fall 2010

BAC Long Studio  


Kite Flying on the Campo del Morro is a popular pastime for the people of San Juan.  There’s an annual kite festival in March, but, every weekend, plenty of kites are in the air, and the gift shops in the ground of the Castillo del Morro sell kites and kite string.

One of the Longstudio problems recalls one from the late 60‘s: design and make a kite (it’s not as easy as you think).  The twist for this assignment is the kite has to start in Boston and travel on the plane to San Juan.   

Longstudieros assembling their kites

Kids enjoying windy summer afternoon

Naiomi gives Sarah a hand

Gabriela sets out to the field while Luis directs traffic and Renee records the effort

Reed and Sarah work in getiing the designs airborne

Kristine is hopeful

The store-bought one Scott found in Boston takes off

Alex thinks the flying wing is going to need some more study

Renee’s is FLYING

After 41 years, John finally designs a kite that flies

Wendall’s had some good moments

Scott sent up his camera to get a kite’s eye view