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Designing Together 2009 - Living in the Américas

Sep 14, 2009

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BAC / ITESM Parallel Studio 

This is the fourth year conducting a studio whose purpose is to expand students’ design capabilities in architecture by their becoming more aware of the Hispanic culture of the Américas, especially Mexico and the Mexicans who have influenced us.

This is defined as a long studio at the Boston Architectural CollegeIt is open to both Masters and Bachelors candidates, and it includes travel  to Mexico, where not only are works of art and architecture studied firsthand, but BAC students meet and work with architecture students from Mexico City, Mexico.


The studio begins by looking at the work of Mexicans and Americans whose paths crossed in the last century: the writers Octavio Paz and Juan Rulfo; the engineer and developer, Luis Barragán; the architects, Louis Kahn and Rafael Urzua; the landscape architect, Ferdinand Bac; and the artists Chucho Reyes and José Clemente Orozco.

It continues by experiencing Mexican culture directly in the mountains of the State of Jalisco, the city of Guadalajara, the city of Guanajuato, and the metropolis that is Mexico City. Study methods include sketching and participating in workshops with Mexican colleagues.

On completion of travel, design is explored through conceptual modeling that is translated into concrete designs carried to a full schematic, including expression of structure and services.

The design problems for the concluding part of the studio will rethink  Liberty Plaza and Central Square, East Boston.  The studio will explore the neighborhood’s  diverse mix of Italian-, Vietnamese-, and Mexican-American residents, and it will  propose a new urban design plan with Live/Work buildings to serve their interests.

The studio expects independent, high quality work that is comparable to that expected in the degree project and thesis.

Studio Leaders:

Luis Montalvo

John Pilling

Our colleague  at ITESM :

Arq. René Caro

2009 BAC Lonstudieros

Raymond Cantone

Mallory Demty

Michelle DeYoung

Griscel Diaz

Jason Diorio

Lauren Fallisi

Kathryn Hovis

Ryan Kelley

Christine Loiurio

Christine Rancourt

Akilah Swan

Jasmine Wolber