Jan 21, 2013

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BAC CD101D/7101D - Advanced Studio | Todd Lee & John Pilling Instructors  

MAKE your case - then DO something about it!!

The BAC’s 2013 Lyceum Fellowship Competition Studio


Examples of People and Organizations that have responded to a call for action:

Will Allen - Growing Power, Inc


Better Quality Video

Barbra Batshalom - Sustainable Performance Institute



Jite Brume - Director Ovie Brume Foundation


Audun Engh - Council of European Urbanism


Presentation about urbanisn vs. modernism:

Havana presentation 2012 charrettes.ppt

Dr. Paul Farmer - Partners in Health



Tracy Kidder Interview about Dr. Farmer

Petra Havelska - architecture + communications


Presentation: Petra Havelska_In between spaces-final.pdf

Steve Mouzon - The Original Green



Julio César Pérez Hernández - A Masterplan for XXI Havana

Record Article



William Whyte - Project for Public Spaces



Hiromi Tabei - Architecture for Humanity



Information about Our Jurors....

Emily Pilloton and Matthew Miller work together.  Matthew Miller and Thomas Gardner worked together.

Project H Design

Design Revolution Road Show

TED talk

2126 Pierce Street, Detroit

Michael Murphy was inspired by Dr. Paul Farmer.  Now he does work for Partners in Health

MASS Design Group

Metropolis Magazine

Veronika Scott works in Detroit, where the 2126 Piece Street house is.

Empowerment Plan

TEDx talk

Mark A Spaulding is Director of the Lyceum Fellowship, carrying on the tradition begun by Jon McKee in 1985

Juror comments about the 2012 competition in Metropolis

Advice:  Winning this competition isn’t just about the best idea - it’s about the best presentation of the best idea.  As an analogy, here’s what Steve Van Zandt has to say about his success in the music business:

“…there were a whole lot of really good bands in my neighborhood that never made it, you know - better than us, by the way.  You know, there were guitar players that were better than me and Bruce. You know, there were singers that were better. There were bands that were better.  … what makes a band successful, one successful and one not, I think has everything to do with management…”

Terry Gross Fresh Air Interview - 12/19/12