Jan 22, 2012

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Living in the Américas - Spring 2012

BAC Long Studio  


Spring 2012  Longstudieros

Geoffry Arthur

Joshua Barnett

Derek Camara

Sam Coats

Staci Corby

Jeffrey Estes

Ruthie Kuhlman

Michael Lafontant

Luis Montalvo*

Erin Morrissey

Perla Muller

Robert Ortiz

John Pilling*

Sylvia Williams

Loren Witzel**


**Teaching Assistant

Syncretic architecture:

difference, contact, and reconciliation

The merger of native, peninsular, African, European, Asian, and American influences over the centuries creates a surprisingly resilient Cuban culture.  Cuba was far enough from Spain, México and Peru to make quotidian decisions without intense oversight.  Outside each city and cropland lies the wilderness of the ‘Monte,” where individuals ranging from the original Tainos to Castro’s rebels have hidden away to challenge authority.  Spirit persists to trump every outside force; these transformative practices affect Cuba’s expressive architecture and urban design.

This studio will study the syncretic cultures of Cuba, the continuities and discontinuities through its architecture and urban design.  Travel will explore Havana and its surrounding countryside.  It will include meetings with the arts community to learn about Cuban’s environment, life and work.  Travel research will be documented with audio, still and moving images, and sketchbooks.  Students will create mixed-use buildings [ferry terminals and cultural resources] on Havana Harbor’s waterfront.