Jul 31, 2008

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Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey - Campus Ciudad de Mexicohttp://www.ccm.itesm.mx/dia2007/bienvarq.htmlhttp://www.ccm.itesm.mx/dia2007/bienvarq.htmlshapeimage_30_link_0

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Designing Together - A Parallel Studio about Living in the Américas

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Aki Ichizuka Cotinues

Mexico City


the sight of the city of below continued on and on and on. i knew immediately that it will take another 100 trips to see the whole city.


mix of old and new. a truly eclectic campus which made me hope for more time to just wander around the campus amongst the students.


could’nt be happier to see this building since i keep track of all the heritage sites i’ve been to.


first western place of worship that didn’t impress me with

enormous scale, engineering marvel, or lavish materiality.

colors, light, and geometry--just these three strokes really,

phenomenally showcase barragan’s ingenious command over these such basic elements that i am intrigued, but have difficulty to work with.


numero uno.

familiar aesthetics, beautifully maintained interior,

and a good looking home owner.....hands down,

my most favorite barragan architecture.


a green fortress

this green wall is 3 benders high. that’s well over 18-feet. i am a fan of this form of manicured urban jungle. i felt like a free caged bird--if this makes any sense.


too little time.

couldn’t possible see everything here. want to go back again

the ruins were impressive, but i found the displays of mexican craft very mesmerizing.



anyone can feel like a pro taking photographs here. beautiful space, but i don’t want to dine in this space, as it was intended.



i found barragan’s elbowing technique in the garden! the mystery effect is more effective......it seems.


hide and seek

depending on where you stand and how you move around the towers, one tower is always hiding among others and disappears from sight. this happened looking straight on or when looking above.


barragan’s elongation takes place outdoors--the trees, path, and the fountain.  first jogger spotted here.


carbon copy

...of barragan design. but it works. a grea gallery space.


people, people, people

a day of special celebration. i didn’t quite find out for what. but the crowd at the city center resembled tokyo on an any given day.

i knew even before the trip started, that we won’t possibly have enough time (and perhaps

stamina) to see everything i wanted to see here in mexico. i guess i was right. but this gives

me a good reason why i should come back again and again and again--before the time comes for me to leave the US and go back to asia. ‘living in the americas’--i never really thought about it deeply really,


grand finale

with such wealth, knowledge, skills, and power--i wonder how and why an entire civilization disappeared......but a blessing in disguise. that may be the only reason why the site remains as is today. 

the grandness of the sun temple is dwarfed when compared to the bigger realm of its natural surroundings.

but this studio should serve to be an opportunity for me to reflect on my life in this region as a foreigner, transforming to become a local, and what it really means to be living in the americas today and in the future. my sincerest gratitude to my two instructors and fellow longstudieros for making this trip one of my most memorable travels.



vendors, vendors, and vedors.....and an atm. i am sure most people truly believe in the miracle. and as a respect for them, i truly wish commerce was kept to a minimum, at least inside the church. an atm inside such a holy site

seemed so wrong....

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