A set of implementation measures was proposed including strategy for redeveloping “seed projects” at key locations, the completion of the Master Plan, consultation and a variety of economic development measures in order to facilitate the main phases of the redevelopment.

Note: this commentary was written by

Prof. Arch. Julio César Pérez Hernández

The Concept Plan and proposed typologies implement the principles of sustainable development at all scales of the plan including specific responses to local climate and conditions, use of a mix of low technology, traditional methods and new technologies.

Connectivity was assured by a new avenue and the incorporation of Vía Blanca to the street network as a major transit way and therefore becoming a transit oriented development. Cleanup and remediation would take place after the relocation of the refinery and a proposal with a staged approach for environmental remediation will help eliminate pollution and allow for changes in the harbour character as well.

Both borders of this huge area were solved accordingly and organically by reinforcing the forest character of the existing ecological reserve between Casablanca and the oil refinery area to the North East and by providing a subtle meeting of both grids with a park system to the West where the new Atarés neighbourhood grid is.

Final Presentation Continues

    It was confirmed that the areas around Regla will build their identity on the existing heritage and traditional forms. Both will complement the Inner Harbour, heritage areas with low and mid rise forms resulting in a place with a strong local character inspired by Cuban, Caribbean and Mediterranean traditions.    As the Regla spit advances in the middle of the harbour it has the potential for a great landmark location given its privileged location with views to Old Havana and Casablanca, the fortresses, the entrance of the harbour, all the bay area and the sea beyond as well. Thus a plaza with a monument with marine attributes was devised by artist Alain Pino who was invited to join the team.

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The Cuban and Norwegian chapters of C.E.U. - Council for European Urbanism

Apr 9, 2011

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Apr 9, 2011

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