These concepts identify the plan elements, block layouts, proposed built forms and public spaces, main character elements, landmarks, streetscape and place-making elements.

Note: this commentary was written by

Prof. Arch. Julio César Pérez Hernández

The entire redevelopment will be focused on creating a very livable environment, a complete connection to the water including easy pedestrian access and water views, a character based on local traditions and respectful for the context.  Furthermore detailed urban concepts have been outlined for the key areas: Old Regla, West Regla, East Regla, Refinery site, etc.    

The Vision for this area is to create complete, balanced, transit-oriented, walkable new communities and places, with a strong character and identity, based on the principles of sustainable development. The Concept Plan that was developed outlines the major physical elements including the main functional and character areas, neighborhoods, centres, nodes and corridors, main transportation routes, linkages, a complex Open Space system and the various redevelopment strategies.

They stated that within the Inner Harbour, the Regla and Oil refinery Sector could play a significant role, integrating heritage areas, restoring environmental areas, regenerating existing residential areas and redeveloping industrial sites.

Final Presentation

    The Regla and Oil refinery Sector was presented by architects Alex Taranu and John Pilling who showed the enormous amount of work that their team carried out which encompassed not only a lot of drawings but also documents ranging from development guidelines to urban codes which illustrated a strategy for the entire area as well as for individual components once the heavy industrial uses are removed and the area can be redeveloped.

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The Cuban and Norwegian chapters of C.E.U. - Council for European Urbanism

Apr 9, 2011

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Apr 9, 2011

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