There was an agreement about keeping the National Railroad Station but relocating its yard to use this area for new parks and housing facilities oriented to the bay in tune with the urban concept used to redevelop the Atarés area which continued the spine boulevard along the water edge and integrated to the new neighbourhood proposed on the former site of a container’s zone. The pedestrian system of squares and the park system was refined to become more consistent with the green concept that informs the whole project and achieved a better matching with the new Regla neighbourhood.

Note: this commentary was written by

Prof. Arch. Julio César Pérez Hernández 

     A new image of the street across the Custom House building highlights the building itself while making the street more pedestrian friendly with trees and lighting fixtures that introduce a nicer scale.

New and varied streetscapes encompassed promenades, walkways, plazas and parks and provided both continuous physical and visual link and changing perspectives to the different areas now freed from the former visually disturbing warehouses and other industrial artefacts, providing views and access to the water and to the rest of the bay surroundings.

The work showed an enormous improvement from the previous presentation in terms of the quality of urban design ideas that were consistent with the previous work but much more defined and refined. The public space strip along the water edge linked both Old Havana and Atarés and continued to meet Regla with due organic transitions based on geographic features like the Luyanó River.

Final Presentation:


The Old Havana and Atarés Sector was presented by Joel Estévez as Robert Allsopp left early the day before and Ole Jan Skogen presented a proposal based on cruise ships activities.

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Apr 9, 2011

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Apr 9, 2011

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