In this regard the Master Plan considered that it was important to emphasize the topographical condition of the site and use the green to link different zones while framing views to the water. The terraced slope allows for a low density urbanism where buildings define streets and squares at different levels while the upper plateau allows for a loose grid pattern development of low to medium density community with mixed- use buildings and large green areas as buffer zones separating the fortresses area and the Monumental Avenue from the new neighborhoods and with buildings interspersed within the landscape for they will be also seen from Old Havana. The buildings located on the plateau would enjoy magnificent views of Old Havana, the harbour, Regla and Atarés.

Note: this commentary was written by

Prof. Arch. Julio César Pérez Hernández

  As Charlotte Brandon-Jones explained,  Casablanca offers a unique opportunity for infill development looking at Old Havana and Regla and also overlooking the whole inner harbour area. The spine boulevard on the water edge encompassing a pedestrian promenade with varied streetscapes provides public access to the whole bay area.

Final Presentation


The Casablanca Sector proposal was presented by Adrian Lee and Charlotte Brandon-Jones.

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Apr 9, 2011

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Apr 9, 2011

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